Meaninglessly Misunderstood

The Yasha Kagemusha's

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You act weird around me because I am different
I walk away

You say I have no friends,no life
I walk away

You say many things
Things that make no sense

You think I need help
Help to be Understood

You act as if I'm to be treated differently
You're Wrong

You speak about me as if you know me
You're Wrong

I am nothing to you
Nothing but worthless space

To you I am trash
trash to be thrown away

You say other's are wrong
You have no Clue

You act as if you are Dumb
You have no Clue

You are a Meaningly joke
Though none laugh
or even smile

I am to you what you are to me
Trash,meaningingless and dumb

You act as if there is no End
You cannot see the Beyound

You speak of Death as if there's no Beginning
You cannot see the Beyound

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